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Nikolai Gogol The Overcoat Pdf Download
Nikolai Gogol The Overcoat Pdf Download

nikolai gogol the overcoat pdf


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At length poor Akakiy Akakievitch breathed his last. He dined cheerfully, and after dinner wrote nothing, but took his ease for a while on the bed, until it got dark. Petersburg a powerful foe of all who receive a salary of four hundred rubles a year, or thereabouts. A being disappeared who was protected by none, dear to none, interesting to none, and who never even attracted to himself the attention of those students of human nature who omit no opportunity of thrusting a pin through a common fly, and examining it under the microscope. It would be difficult to find another man who lived so entirely for his duties. Well, if it came to a new one, how would it ?. The collar was low, so that his neck, in spite of the fact that it was not long, seemed inordinately so as it emerged from it, like the necks of those plaster cats which wag their heads, and are carried about upon the heads of scores of image sellers. For some inexplicable reason this conduct seemed familiar to the prominent personage. His ordinary converse with his inferiors smacked of sternness, and consisted chiefly of three phrases: How dare you? Do you know whom you are speaking to? Do you realise who stands before you?. Radio[edit]. So powerful is sometimes a good scolding!. But he stopped short, and went on very quietly as before, wondering why he had quickened his pace. The policeman asks Akaky embarrassing questions, as if he were a criminal. He took off his cloak in the ante-room, looked it over carefully, and confided it to the especial care of the attendant. The young officials laughed at and made fun of him, so far as their official wit permitted; told in his presence various stories concocted about him, and about his landlady, an old woman of seventy; declared that she beat him; asked when the wedding was to be; and strewed bits of paper over his head, calling them snow.


The Overcoat and Other Tales of Good and Evil. People are brought together by material goods. The Germans invented them in order to make more money. They even say that a certain titular councillor, when promoted to the head of some small separate room, immediately partitioned off a private room for himself, called it the audience chamber, and posted at the door a lackey with red collar and braid, who grasped the handle of the door and opened to all comers; though the audience chamber could hardly hold an ordinary writing-table. Petrovitch took the cloak, spread it out, to begin with, on the table, looked hard at it, shook his head, reached out his hand to the window-sill for his snuff-box, adorned with the portrait of some general, though what general is unknown, for the place where the face should have been had been rubbed through by the finger, and a square bit of paper had been pasted over it. It was evident that the officials had arrived long before, and had already finished their first glass of tea. Among them, in the centre of the room, stood a samovar or tea-urn, humming and emitting clouds of steam. Bashmachkin, about fifty, is a quiet, self-effacing man with red hair and a receding hairline. The handkerchief was fresh from the laundress, and he put it in his pocket for use. 4fb9d08492

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